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Shock Tactics!!

When considering educational health messages on radio – I often wonder whether NGO’s would be justified to employ more provocative approaches to “shock” the listeners into paying attention…

Educational spot production for radio has traditionally followed a didactic style of delivery. These often feature a presenter, typically in a studio environment, reading a script to the audience. However, in western radio creative approaches are far more varied and can often challenge the listener preconceptions of “taste” in order to capture their attention.

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Since there is no “free” radio in Ethiopia and the penalties for establishing Pirate shortwave radio stations are particularly high, View full article »

On Monday morning I’ll be driving to Lincoln University for the Transnational Radio Forum. A four day conference which gathers radio academics from around the world. I’ve been looking forward to it – but it’ll be a relief to finally get my presentation out of the way so I relax and enjoy meeting some fellow radio lecturers. I’ll be giving a presentation entitled “The Hardest Sell: Spot production in developing nations”. View full article »