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Magenta is an excellent training institution which teaches a wide range of practical media skills across both radio and television.

I recently met with the manager (July 2010) – and talked to her about the media landscape in Kenya – and the remaining importance of radio in the country. In the audio slideshow attached to this post you can see some of the radio students in action – and find out more about media training in Kenya.

The Magenta Training Institute can be found in downtown Nairobi, Kenya.

If you’re involved in producing development spots for radio – you may find it difficult to assess your own work. It’s not your fault… sometimes when you’re closely involved with a project it’s hard to maintain objectivity. The good news is, this production guide, produced by USAID in 2005, provides some handy ways to help identify the “good” – as well as the “bad”…

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This is a useful chart that demonstrates possible steps to take when adapting, developing and producing effective radio spots.

The “cycle” was created by the “CHANGE” Project in 2005, initiated by the Academy for Educational Development, The Manoff Group and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

“The Hardest Sell P.2”

So, where to start? If you want to create great radio – it helps if you’re enjoying yourself at the same time. Therefore, it was important that the staff felt relaxed and enthusiastic about the task ahead of them. I wanted the team to experience the sheer fun of making radio. It shouldn’t be a chore. After all, we’re talking about entertainment. That’s not to say all commercials/spots should be whacky or humorous, but the process itself should certainly be an enjoyable one. View full article »

“The Hardest Sell P.3”

In western radio, listening is viewed as a mostly private activity. A “one to one” style of presentation is often employed to exploit radios intimacy. However, in developing nations where radio sets can be rare commodities – a more communal form of listening is not unusual. Listening groups for the BBC WST sometimes consisted of up to 20 people, huddled around one radio. View full article »

This clip shows Radio Ethiopian staff working on their first programme for the BBC WST. 

These video clips are taken from my work as an executive consultant for the BBC World Service Trust in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

This was a two year project established in 2006 running ’til 2008 – and was a partnership between the Government of Ethiopia, Radio Ethiopia and BBC World Service Trust, funded by the European Commission.

The project was designed to raise awareness of sexual health and reproduction issues through the use of regular radio programmes and a comprehensive “spot” campaign.

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“The Hardest Sell P.1″

Ever since the world’s first paid radio commercial was broadcast in New York back in 1922 (a 10-minute message promoting real estate) broadcasters have searched for innovative ways to successfully deliver sales messages. Many of these tried and trusted techniques have consequently been employed by N.G.O.s and State-funded radio in developing countries to help “sell” educational and health related messages to the masses. View full article »