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This is an interview with Papa Mbongo, publicity specialist at the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

Recorded: Auckland Park, Johannesburg,

July, 2010.

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is the state-owned broadcaster in South Africa and provides 18 radio stations (AM/FM) as well as 3 television broadcasts to the general public.

The SABC was established by an Act of Parliament in 1936 taking over from the African Broadcasting Company which had been responsible for some of the first radio broadcasts in South Africa in the 1920s. The SABC established services in what were then the country’s official languages, English and Afrikaans, with ethnic languages such as Zulu, Xhosa, Sesotho and Tswana following later.

Well, R4D got a bit of a shock to see the Youtube clip about Joshua Arap Sang (Sept. 26 post) receiving over 8,000 views overnight.

No doubt in response to the International Criminal Court allegations that Sang, along with William Samoei Ruto and Henry Kiprono Kosgey, bears;

“Criminal responsibility under Article 25 of the Rome Statute for murder, torture, deportation or forcible transfer, and persecution based on political affiliation as crimes against humanity.”

It’s hard to reconcile the guy in the video with the crimes he’s supposed to have committed. My first reaction was – where is the evidence? As Julius Lamaon, the CEO of Kass said (Nov. 2 post) where is the “scientific data”?

I’m not for a second discounting the seriousness of the allegations – “hate radio” is of course a very dangerous thing – and it will be good to have the issue given public discussion via the impending Hague trial. It will be very interesting to see what eventuates. Click “View Full Article” below to see sections taken from the official charges relating to Sang;

(For the full article visit; Mashada)

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The University of Dar Es Salaam is the oldest and biggest public university in Tanzania. One of its schools is the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) which offers Bachelor degree programs in Journalism and Mass Communication. In this audio slideshow Maria Alphonce, a student at the school, discusses the school’s community radio station “Mlimani Radio, 106.5 FM – which provides a valuable “hands-on” experience for media students to practice what they’ve learnt in the classroom.

For more info visit their website here…

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