This site is maintained by Sam Coley, Senior Lecturer and Radio Degree Leader at Birmingham City University, U.K.

The University has a strong focus on radio studies as part of its Media and Communication Degree. The course features modules which specialise in radio programming, radio drama, commercial production, live radio, and broadcast journalism for radio. Some of these modules explore aspects of developmental radio, which is an area the University is particularly interested in exploring further. A series of MA’s are set to begin in Sept. 2010 – which will focus on Radio for Development as well as modules in International Radio / Radio Production and Radio Programming. For further details please contact Sam at;

About Sam Coley

Sam has a background in both the U.K. and New Zealand radio industries as a commercial producer, freelance documentary maker and Creative Director for The Radio Network, the Southern hemisphere’s largest radio advertising department.

In 2006 he spent six weeks based in Addis Ababa as an executive consultant to the BBC World Service Trust. This involved working on the Trust’s two year radio project to develop programmes and commercial “spot” campaigns designed to promote sexual health and reproduction awareness for young Ethiopians. This initial visit was followed up in 2008 to assess the scheme and carry out production for Aid agency CARE International.

Sam has worked as an online-radio tutor for the BBC “Blast” project ( a forum that aims to inspire and motivate young people to develop their creative talents. He is also a workshop tutor for the “Aimhigher” programme ( A U.K. initiative designed to encourage students from disadvantaged areas to participate in higher education by raising their aspirations.

He is currently researching the uses of radio as an educational tool and is especially interested in the application of “western” style commercial production techniques to deliver health related messages across developing nations.

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